Free Through the Breach Adventure: The Biblioubliette

Happy Halloween! While we’re a few days away from Halloween proper, I felt it was time to dive back into the spooky TTRPG Malifaux: Through the Breach! This month’s Side Quest is an exploration-focused romp through a extra-dimensional library, complete with plenty of traps and challenges. I love the mystique surrounding libraries big and small, and I wanted to share that with a free Through the Breach adventure! If you’re new around here,  Side Quests are a Patron-sponsored free adventure we make every month, and Patrons at the Legend tier on Patreon get to pick the game system and theme of an upcoming Side Quest. We create a free adventure around their idea, and then everyone gets to enjoy these one-shots! Plus, Patrons receive a downloadable version of all our Side Quests.

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Reference Resources Needed

The Biblioubliette


The printed word holds an incredible amount of power. Novels expand minds young and old to new worlds. Journals allow the reader to glimpse into the past, while textbooks impart all kinds of knowledge. Gather enough books together in one place, and there’s no telling what may happen. Get any librarian drunk enough and they’ll tell you hushed stories about collections rearranging themselves, new sections appearing where there was none before, or even finding books that haven’t been written yet. These anomalies are but parlor tricks compared to the largest book collection on either Earthside or Malifaux: 

The Biblioubliette - A labyrinthian library with dimensions unbound from rational space

This library holds a magnitude of written knowledge from Earth and Malifaux and even some from places undiscovered. A person could spend ten lifetimes exploring the library and only discover a fraction of the books within. However, finding the library requires considerable luck, as the Biblioubliette magically jumps from dimension to dimension, rarely visiting the same place twice. One day the library resides between a butcher and a baker, while the next day nothing but an empty alleyway remains. It takes a dedicated (or demented) kind of person to track down the library and enter through its doors. 

The library is not without its defenses and dangers. The building is staffed by the O’Connells, a family dedicated to protecting the library at any cost from dangers both within and without. Weird creatures and unearthly geography protect the deeper sections, and even the O’Connells fear to tread too far inside.

The esteemed Professor De Lang wants to hire the Fated to locate the Biblioubliette and retrieve an unusual grimoire from within. De Lang knows about the magical nature of the Biblioubliette and is using the Fated to learn of a method to predict the library’s movements.


This quest begins as the Fated are summoned to De Lang’s estate located in downtown Malifaux near the northern New Construction Zone. De Lang’s offer of money and social power should be enough for most people to embark upon this unusual request. Searching aimlessly is a fruitless endeavor, so De Lang suggests multiple avenues the Fated can pursue to locate the Biblioubliette. 

Depending on their choices, the Fated discover the library and meet Solomon O’Connell, the current curator of the Biblioubliette. O’Connell provides advice and directions, warning the Fated about the rules of the library. O’Connell’s daughter, Della, offers to lead the party as far as the reference desk. From here the Fated need to use their exploration skills to locate the book and avoid pitfalls and dangers. However, taking books from this library is forbidden, and the Fated need to flee as the guardians attempt to retrieve what was stolen.

Tarot Tie-Ins

Below is a list of possible Tarot Tie-Ins for the Side Quest, pulling from the Tarots of the Fated Almanac (Cross Roads) book. Each card in the different Tarot has a corresponding phrase, and those phrases combine to create the character’s Destiny. Any character that resolves a step in their destiny gains an additional bonus.

  • Cross Roads Endeavor Card, 3 of Tomes: “If you refuse the hero’s call” could refer to a rare tome of knowledge written by Victoria Heroscall. This red and blue cover is firmly wedged within one of the largest book pillars in the Stacks. Fated who attempt to follow their fate risk a massive bookslide that could threaten the expedition. 
  • Cross Roads Mind Card, 4 of Crows: “you will refuse to open the tome” could refer to either refusing to read through the book of Tyromancy for De Lang, or any other books within the Biblioubliette.
  • Cross Roads Root Card, 3 of Rams: “but fear the shadow cast by no man” could refer to the Origamin, man-shaped paper constructs that guard the Biblioubliette against any who would threaten it. 


Note: Through the Breach doesn’t have Challenge Ratings or character levels in a traditional sense. All Encounters and Target Numbers (TN) below are estimated for a more education & exploration-focused party of four Fated.


The Fated are invited to the estate of Professor De Lang on a cold winter morning. Read the following paragraph aloud:

“You stand within Professor De Lang’s study — a resplendently furnished room. Various Earthside and Malifaux trophies hang from the walls in between mahogany bookshelves filled with all manner of books. De Lang sits behind her marble-top desk, opens a small box, and withdraws a cigar. She takes a few puffs to start the embers then looks towards you as if you’ve interrupted her ritual rather than come by her invitation.”

De Lang explains that she wants to hire the Fated to locate a library within Malifaux city and to bring her a book of tyromancy. She explains that the library, known as the Biblioubliette, is an extra-dimensional repository that moves from place to place. Regarding the book, she mentions that it is a tome of tyromancy, an antiquated fortune-telling method. At this point, she places a few pages worth of notes and a map of Malifaux City upon the desk. De Lang has narrowed down the most common locations, listed below. Secretly flip a card to determine the Biblioubliette’s starting location before the Fated’s search attempts. 

Known Locations
  •  Riverfront Slums – Rams
  • Central Slums – Tomes
  • Eastern Quarantine Zone – Crows
  • Southgate Slums – Masks
  • Black Joker: the library currently resides Earthside and is not seen in Malifaux for up to a week. 
  • Red joker: the library resides within a few blocks of De Lang’s estate. Ignore the “Searching for the Biblioubliette” Ongoing Challenge as the Fated essentially stumble upon the building within an hour.

In regards to rewards, De Lang offers 50 Scrip for the current location of the Biblioubliette and another 50 scrip for the book, as well as an offer to introduce the Fated to any number of high-ranking socialites of Malifaux. There’s little else De Lang can offer the party at this moment.

The Search

From this point forwards, the Fated must use their cunning and resources to track down the teleporting library. The time that the library stops varies, and seems to be dependent on if it is discovered by those that would abuse or exploit the library. The few times it’s been spotted it hangs around for a few hours, up to a day, before vanishing. 

The Fated must pick one of the listed known locations before starting the challenge.

Searching for the Biblioubliette
  • Skills allowed: Notice, Track
  • Target Number: 12
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Success Requirements: 12
  • Failure Requirements: 6

At the end of each Duration, flip a card to determine the library’s movement:

  • Rams/Tomes/Red Joker — The Library stays in the same location. Reduce the Success requirements by 2 if the party searches the same location again while the library is in the area.
  • Crows/Masks/Black Joker — The Library teleports to a new location.

Searching aimlessly isn’t the best idea, but it can be done. However, there are several ways that the party can improve their chances. 

The Local gossip

Speaking to the locals in each section could reveal clues that may either increase the Failure Requirements or reduce total Success requirements. Allow the players to roleplay speaking with random townsfolk and successes on Social Duels to improve the odds of finding the right place.

External resources

If the party decides to reach out to their personal contacts (such as the Guild or other people), allow them to roleplay with a connected individual. These decisions improve the Fated’s chances of finding the library but add in potential consequences when the faction learns about the possibility of a wealth of knowledge.

  • The Guild: Requesting help from the Guild comes at a significant cost — the Fated can obtain a level of manpower to aid in finding the library, depending on the department. However, the Guild begins tracking the library after the party finds it, and occupies it within 2-3 months. The O’Connells survive the takeover but are imprisoned within the Guild headquarters. A few weeks later, Sonnia Criid changes them into Witchling Stalkers.
    • Add Leadership to the Skills Allowed section, and reduce the Target Number to 8, as Guild guards begin searching and reporting on the location of the library.
  • Arcanists: The mages of the Arcanists can perform a stasis ritual. This prevents the library from traveling for three days. The Arcanists take over the library within 2-3 months if their aid is used. The O’Connells survive the takeover but are held in Arcanist custody indefinitely.
    • Add Counterspelling and Prestidigitation to the Skills Allowed section, and do not flip a card to determine if the library teleports after a failed day of searching.
  • Ten Thunders: The vast network of spies made up of normal people is the method in which the Ten Thunders provide aid. Ten Thunders operatives take over the Library within 2-3 months. Solomon and Horatio O’Connell die defending the Biblioubliette, while Della is brainwashed and trained to become a Torakage.
    • Add Carouse to the Skills Allowed section, increase the Failure Requirements by 2, and inform the party which section the library is located in.
  • Resurrectionists: A friendly group of Resurrectionists can utilize many zombies to scour sections of the city, allowing the party to use alternative methods of searching. After 2-3 months, other Resurrectionists groups locate the library, steal anything related to necromancy, and slay the current inhabitants.
    • Add Necromancy and Stitching to the Skills Allowed section and reduce the TN by 2.
  • Neverborn: The Neverborn of Malifaux city would be very interested in locating a repository of ancient knowledge. They aid the party by granting access to several Mature Nephilim equal to half of the party. These gargantuan monsters take the adventurers in their arms and fly them around the city, making the search much faster. The Neverborn locate the library on their own 2-3 months later, kill everyone inside, take what they want, and burn the rest to the ground.
    • Add Stealth to the Skills Allowed section, reduce the TN by 2, and Duration to 4 hours. At this rate, multiple sections can be searched within a short period, but only at night when the Neverborn are less likely to be shot. Do not flip for the Library’s movement until 24 hours have passed.

The Biblioubliette

Read the following text aloud:  

A small, glass-window façade sits wedged in between two larger buildings. In the front window is a selection of books placed in a decorative display honoring authors of the mid 19th century. The narrow front door leads to a cozy reception area. Beyond the entryway are stands of bookshelves that rise 9 feet high and stretch down further into the building. Small yellow electric bulbs hang from the ceiling at intervals in between the shelves. A desk sits to the right of the entrance where a middle-aged man wearing clothes that would look more at home on a safari adventurer from 50 years ago. Calf-high boots are propped up on the desktop as he leans back and reads from a thin novel. He eyes your motley group with a hint of wariness. “I don’t suppose you’re here for a library card, are you?”

The man at the desk is Solomon O’Connell, the current curator of the Biblioubliette. He manages the library with his father Horatio and daughter Della. Solomon is tall, in his late 30’s with dark hair and stubble and pale skin. He wears two Collier pistols in holsters on his hip, even within the library. See Appendix – NPCs for stats. 

Any Fated that makes a Notice or Scrutiny Duel on Solomon (TN 5) spot that he has multiple hairline scars up and down his bare arms and a few on his face, leftovers from the Origamin guardians that he encountered growing up within the library. While he is initially on edge at the appearance of a large group, he eases once introductions are made.

Solomon gives more details on the library if asked, but informs the party that if they want to “explore” the library, they need to follow the rules:

  1. Always be quiet — Talking softly is allowed, but shouting or loud noises of any kind are not tolerated. Noise draws the library’s guardians to the areas beyond the entrance.
  2. Return books to their proper place – Books cannot be taken from the library, and the guardians don’t like it if they leave their spots for too long. Find what you need, read it, and put it back.
  3. Beware the bookwyrms – “Just run” is the only thing that O’Connell says on the matter.

If the party mentions their need to locate a book on tyromancy, Solomon grimaces in distaste and mentions that they’ll need a guide to point them in the right direction. He calls aloud for Della, who appears shortly from beyond the bookshelves. Della is in her mid to late teens, with short, curly black hair, and wears thick overalls atop a long-sleeved shirt. She wears a backpack almost constantly, and her pistol and a scabbard hang from it. Observant Fated notice a single white scar trailing down her right cheek.

Della is a little more receptive to newcomers than her father is, and she is very interested in gossiping with any who will speak with her. Solomon asks her to take the party as far as the Reference room, and to come back. He also suggests that the party pack for heavy travel, if they’re not already prepared. Once the party is ready, Solomon offers each Fated a guide anchor: a heavy leather belt with a length of cord with a metal ring at the end. Della attaches her ring to a metal cable at the base of the nearest bookshelf and walks deeper into the building. She explains that the anchors are necessary to finding one’s way back to the front of the shop, though the belts won’t be useful where the Fated are going.

Deeper into the Library

Read the following text aloud:

Your muffled footfalls hardly echo between the heavy bookshelves, but you find yourself still walking in a single direction long after common sense dictates that a regular building would have ended by now. Looking down adjacent rows you see that the shelves continue far further than your perception allows. Hours pass by in silence as Della leads you deeper and deeper into the library. The wood ceiling slowly ascends into the darkness, and bookshelves begin to slowly space themselves apart, easing the sense of claustrophobia. Finally, a ring of shelves leads to a circular desk inhabited by an older man sitting at a small campfire on the floor.

This man is Horatio, Della’s grandfather. He wears a traveler’s leather duster with old-fashioned clothes underneath and a pistol and saber hanging from his belt. Horatio seems the sort of man who spends his days out on the wild frontier, though his pale skin belies the fact that it hasn’t seen the sun in years. Upon his throat is an old, deep scar. He rises to his feet and greets his granddaughter in a raspy sotto-voce. Della quietly introduces the Fated to Horatio, who bows deeply but does not speak. She clarifies that if the party wishes to find info about old grimoires, they’ll have to journey through Mathematics and Applied Physics, the Reading Room, the Atrium, and the Stacks before reaching the Ancient Auguries section.

Della reiterates the rules in case the Fated need a refresher, points towards the west, and wishes them luck.

Noise and commotion

Making loud noises, firing guns, or using flashy magic has the potential to draw several Origamin guardians to the Fated’s location (See appendix). Flip a card each time a loud noise is made and consult the table below:

  • First noise: If Rams, 2 to 3 Orgamin attack
  • Second noise: Rams or Tomes — 2 to 3 Origamin attack
  • Third noise and up: Rams, Tomes, or Crows — 2 to 3 Origamin Attack

Mathematics and Applied Physics

Read the following text aloud:

Minutes turn to hours as the hallways continue into the gloom. The further you walk, the more disorganized and wild the surroundings become. Torn papers and book covers pile up underfoot, causing small hills to form. The bookshelves here stopped holding the electric bulbs long ago, but somehow there seems to be enough light to see by. You step lightly ever forward, books on the shelves with covers displaying titles such as “Undying Stars and their orbits” and “Fantastic Fractals”. Without warning the accumulated pages fall away, revealing a massive chasm that splits the room from side to side as far as the eye can see. 

Shelves hang precariously over the pit, although the guide rail remains connected along the edge at shoulder height. The Fated must all succeed on Athletics or Acrobatics (TN 10) Duels to cross the chasm. They gain a + Flip if they use their guide anchors. 

The pit is 10 yards down, dealing 2/4/6 +3 damage upon falling. It is impossible to see into the pit from above, but once down there it is not as dark. A body lays in the pit; an explorer wearing clothes from over a century ago. A successful TN 8 Doctor Duel reveals that they suffered a broken arm and leg from the fall and died of starvation. They carry a backpack filled with the following contents:

  • 50 feet of rope
  • A grappling hook
  • Multiple empty food cans
  • An empty canteen
  • A bedroll
  • The Library Card Grimoire (See Appendix)

Reading Room

Read the following text aloud:

The omnipresent bookshelves suddenly give way to row upon row of finely appointed wood tables. Oak chairs upholstered in green leather sit in intervals at each open spot, and powered reading lamps rest upon the table’s surfaces. In the gloomy distance, you see the bookshelves begin again, though this reading room covers the distance of about 50 yards.

The Fated can use this area to rest without worry of attack unless they get too loud or rowdy. Searching the tables reveals a handful of recent Malifaux and Earthside newspapers. 

    • Malifaux Chronicler: “Governor-General Elect hosts lavish gala for dignitaries”
    • London Gazette: “Water Levels rise in conjunction with local disappearances”
    • New York Daily News: “Burning Man spotted flying over city” – Dated a week in the future.

The Atrium

Read the following text aloud:

The sense of otherworldly geography intensifies the further you go. Paper mounds turn into rolling hills, and the bookshelves become more and more infrequent, leading to a darkened horizon yet the landscape is visible for yards around. Looking up into the sky reveals a single yellow sun hanging in complete darkness. As you crest another hill, you spot movement in the distance. Upon closer inspection, you see a small herd of life-sized origami horses, grazing at strands of torn paper.

These paper horses use the same stats as in the Core Rules (Pg. 336), but have the following trigger on their Hoof action:

(T) Wicked nick: After succeeding, the target gains the following Condition: “Poison +2″ (See Pg. 308 of the Core Rule book)

Other origami animals reside within this pastoral field, including birds, rabbits, and other small critters. The horses act like normal animals for the most part and will tolerate small amounts of interaction. After a few minutes (or if the Fated startle them) the horses run into the distance. 

From here, there are no guard rails to carry on, so to proceed the party must succeed on an exploration-focused Ongoing Challenge.

Explore the Biblioubliette
  • Skills allowed: Bureaucracy, History, Literacy, Mathematics, Printing
  • Target Number: 10
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Success Requirements: 7
  • Failure Requirements: 4

Each flip is the Fated following book titles to deduce the correct direction towards the Ancient Auguries section. Successes lead them deeper within the library towards the Stacks. Failing the ongoing challenge leads to multiple dead ends, causing the Fated to become lost for 24 hours before finding the Stacks.


The Stacks

Read the following text aloud:

Paper hills make way into a veritable forest made of stacked books. These towering ‘trees’ of tightly stacked books stretch up far above your heads, and some are large enough that two people linking arms could not reach around. Paper vegetation ‘grows’ around the base of the trunks, causing the need to watch where one steps. Multiple book pillars stand close to one another, requiring you to travel single-file for a length of time.

Navigating through the book pillars is daunting, but cautious Fated may make it through with no issue. However, bumping a stack hard or removing a book causes a pillar to begin to sway. Flip a card to determine the effect this has:

  • Black Joker – Catastrophic collapse: The pillar collapses towards the Fated, creating a cascading (and deadly) collapse of books! Each Fated must make a TN 14 Evade Duel to avoid the bookslide (See sidebar). The damage dealt by this hazard is doubled. Flip a second card: on a Rams, Tomes, or Crow, 2-3 Origamin arrive to attack the Fated.
  • 1 to 4 – Massive avalanche: The pillar falls towards the Fated, creating a hefty collapse of books! Each Fated must make a TN 12 Evade Duel to avoid the bookslide. Flip a second card: on a Rams or Tomes, 2-3 Origamin arrive to attack the Fated.
  • 5 to 9 – Minor toppling: A singular pillar falls towards the party, but manages to miss other pillars in the area. Each Fated must make a TN 8 Evade Duel to avoid the bookslide. Flip a second card: on a Rams, 2-3 Origamin arrive to attack the Fated.
  • 10 to RJ – Remains standing: Surprisingly, the pillar of books remains upright!


Each character caught in the falling avalanche of books receives 2/3/4 damage.

After a character takes damage from a bookslide, they immediately take the Drop Prone Action. Characters that fail the duel by 6 or more are buried within a mound of books become Paralyzed and gain the following Condition: “Claustrophobia +1: This character suffers -1 to their final duel totals. For every 10 minutes a character spends on the surface under the sky (not indoors), reduce the value of this Condition by 1.” The condition increases by +1 for each 1 minute they stay buried. Other characters can attempt to free the trapped characters with a successful DC 10 Athletics Duel.

Water Cell Watermark

Ancient Auguries

Read the following text aloud:

Pools of thin, dark liquid begins to rise to your knees as you leave the last of the towering book stacks. Beyond the stacks is a veritable bog of collapsed bookshelves and small lumpy islands of paper providing soggy respite from the inky water. Ahead, a weathered and rotten sign reading ‘Ancient auguries’ sticks out of a damp pile of paper.

Any characters that spend too long staring into the dark pools see movement within, as Origami Gators mill about. These gators use the same stats as the Bayou Gator found on Pg. 380 of the Core rule book. One to two origami gators attack if a character lingers in the water but otherwise remain at a distance.

The Fated need to carefully navigate small damp islands of rotten books to reach the center of the section.

Search the Ancient Auguries section
  • Skills allowed: Notice, Literacy
  • Target Number: 8
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Success Requirements: 8
  • Failure Requirements: 4
  • On a failure, one Fated is attacked by an origami gator that began stalking them once they entered the section. 
  • On a success, read the following aloud:

You jump from soggy landing to damp island, but something catches your eyes: nestled near a low mound of rotting paper you see a pristine stone plinth. As you draw closer, you notice that upon its surface lies a singular book with a bluish-green leather cover. 

This is the tyromancy book that De Lang requested, and it is a minor grimoire containing the Divination Magia. Much of the contents relate to different processes of producing cheese and how to use the fermentation to predict future events. This grimoire can also be used as a Skill Toolkit for Culinary duels made involving cheese.

The Bookwyrm

Read the following text aloud once the Fated retrieve the tyromancy grimoire:

The ground beneath your feet begins to buckle and shift as you begin to leave. Book covers fall  as a behemoth bulk rises 15 feet high — a thick, muscular body made entirely out of a leathery-paper substance. The thing’s massive body is supported by two thick taloned claws, while its neck supports–not a head, but a gaping, leech-like maw with hundreds of paper-thin tentacles protruding from the orifice. At the other end, a sinewy tail lashes out as it looms overhead. The creature strikes lightning-quick into the murky water and pulls out a folded-paper gator creature. Tentacles wrap around the gator’s body and push it whole into the creature’s gaping maw. As it finishes its meal, it turns its eyeless face in your direction.

This is not a fight that the Fated should be able to win, and their prime option is to run back to the Stacks. The Bookwyrm gives chase, even once the Fated manage to reach the Stacks. Book pillars slow down the massive creature, though the charge causes a bookslide (see sidebar) that the Fated can avoid with a TN 8 Evade Duel. The collapsing books create a barrier and prevents the Bookwyrm from following, though it may continue to chase the Fated if they stray too long in any particular area. 


Returning through the library takes time, but only half as long as the original journey. The entire O’Connell family is resting near the front entrance by the time the Fated return. Solomon inquires about their journey and asks if they brought any books with them. The Fated will need to succeed on a TN 8 Deceive Duel to fool the librarians, otherwise Solomon asks that any library property is left with them. If the Fated attempt to take the book by force, Solomon will draw his guns in anger, but Horatio motions for him to lower his guns. The Fated may take whatever books they have but are informed that they are no longer welcome within the Biblioubliette. What Solomon declines to tell the Fated is that the library sends 2 to 3 Origamin guardians within a few weeks to retrieve the stolen books. These guardians are relentless, and if one group is slain, another group is sent within a few months. The only way to stop their attack is to return the books to the library. 


Upon returning to De Lang, she rewards the Fated depending on how successful they were in retrieving the required info and items. If the Fated give De Lang the Library card grimoire, she is overjoyed and grants the party three raw Lade 1 soulstones. She is surprisingly respectful of the library card and becomes a faithful patron to the O’Connells. 

However, if the Fated give De Lang the tyromancy grimoire, she is later found dead a few weeks later from multiple thin lacerations across her throat. The book is never found again.

Appendix - NPCs


These child-sized constructs are made of multiple layers of folded paper, and wield wickedly sharp paper blades. They serve as guardians and protectors of the Biblioubliette and are fairly docile as long as patrons obey the library’s rules. 

Origamin illustration provided by Della O’Connell


Bookwyrms are gigantic paper creatures that stalk the hallways of the Biblioubliette and eat anything they find. Relatively few in number, but they make up for this in sheer ferocity.

Solomon O'Connell

Son to Horatio, father to Della, and current head curator of the Biblioubliette. Solomon is distrustful of outsiders, but he takes his lifelong position in stride as a caretaker of the most unusual library in the world. He uses the stats of a Convict Gunslinger (Core Rules Pg. 338).

Della O'Connell

Daughter to Solomon and Granddaughter to Horatio. She is bright and inquisitive, and quite capable of defending herself if needed. She wields a paper blade taken from one of the Origamin. Della uses the stats of a Ronin (Core Rules Pg. 340).

Horatio O'Connell

Patriarch of the O’Connell clan. Horatio is well-traveled and knowledgeable about all manner of topics, due to his time within the library. One of his earlier encounters with an Origamin cost him his vocal cords, and he is barely able to speak louder than a whisper. He dotes upon Della and indulges her in her occasional flights of fancy. Horatio uses the stats of a Freikorps Trapper (Core Rules Pg. 345).


Appendix - Grimoires

Library Card

This laminated paper card fits comfortably in hand or in a wallet, but when held aloft it emanates slight warmth. 

Magia: Elemental Line (found in Above the Law), Pillar (found in Under Quarantine)

Immuto: Alter Range, Combined Spell (TN +5), Paper (see below)

Special: Each magia must include the Paper immuto (see below). Holders of the Library card can perform a short ritual to draw the Biblioubliette to their relative location. The library only appears within urban areas and remains for up to a day. This action may only be performed once a week. To summon the Biblioubliette, draw a card:

  • Black Joker: The warmth from the card grows in intensity, and quickly bursts into flames, destroying the card. 
  • 1 to 4: The ritual fails to draw the Biblioubliette to your location.
  • 5 to 9: The Biblioubliette teleports to an urban location within 5 miles of your current spot. The Fated must succeed on a TN 9 Notice or Track duel to locate the library.
  • 10 to 13: The Biblioubliette teleports to an urban location within 1 mile of your current spot. The Fated must succeed on a TN 6 Notice or Track duel to locate the library.
  • Red Joker – The Biblioubliette teleports to an urban location within view! 

Watch out in Malifaux, where overdue books aren’t just penalized with fines! I hope you enjoyed this free Through the Breach adventure, and feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on the Biblioubliette! 

Remember to stay safe out there, and never forget Malifaux’s mantra:

Bad things happen

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