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Whether you’re introducing your players to an elaborate new landscape, hanging unique art on your wall, or gifting your favorite DM a customized map of their own, we are excited to create the perfect piece with you. Let’s create your very own TTRPG map commission.  


The TTRPG Map Commission Process

So you’re interested in collaborating on something unique. Wonderful! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Read this page for detail explanations. Note that at this time, all works are digital. 

Step 2: Fill out the Commission Request Form. The more detail you’re able to provide, the better! But don’t worry if you just have a vague idea right now. We’ll work it out.

Step 3: You should receive a response within 2 business days, and we’ll discuss your project in detail. Once we’ve agreed on a map and story concept, we’ll send you a quote with all the details we discussed. Once you accept the quote, we’ll send an invoice. A non-refundable 25% deposit will confirm your order. 

Step 4: Once we receive your deposit, we’ll get to work on an initial draft and give you regular updates on progress and clarifying questions.

Step 5: Once we’re satisfied with an almost-final version, we’ll send you the digital proof. You’ll have a week to get back to us for any revision requests. We will hammer out those changes to make it perfect. Your remaining balance is due once you give us your approval. 

Step 6: After receiving your final payment, we send you the final digital version, and you get to show off your beautiful new map.


Detail Levels & Pricing

Depending on your needs, we offer three tiers of detail within your TTRPG map commission. All work is currently done digitally in black and white or grey-scale, with the option to add color.

Pricing will depend on the size and level of detail required and will be quoted on a case by case basis. Generally, rates start at $35/hour for non-commercial* work. Your quote will include the expected time for completion. 

Need a commercial map? See Add-ons for more detail.* 


Basic Level of detail, including:

  • Black or Grayscale outline for walls
  • Simplistic shapes or icons for furniture and important items 
  • Minimal shading and floor detail
  • Great for larger scale maps that don’t require fine detail

Typical time for completion: 3-6 hours for maps under 8″ x 8″


Enhanced level of detail, including:

  • Intricate wall outlines
  • More stylized and complex furniture or important items
  • Amplified shading & floor detail

Typical time for completion: 6-12 hours for maps under 8″ x 8″


An isometric version of your design:

  • 3-D Version, with enhanced details
  • More stylized and complex furniture or important items
  • Amplified shading & floor detail
  • Perspective! 

Typical time for completion: 8-16 hours for maps under 8″ x 8″


  • Rooms are black and white, with gray shading, but color may be requested for an additional charge.
  • As an option, we can add a description of rooms, traps and encounters. This will include a name for each room, describe all furniture, secret doors or traps, and give suggested encounters based on the theme you provided. Specific difficulty levels will not be included so you may customize based off your players’ levels. The cost of adding written content for rooms is 10 cents per word.
  • In the case you would like specific rooms to be 3-D, but not the entire map, individual rooms may be drawn in 3-D for an additional charge per room to be determined by the size of the room.
  • Larger or smaller maps may be done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for additional details.
  • Exclusive Rights: We reserve the right to share photos of artwork across our website and social media channels with the possibility of selling the maps online elsewhere. We will not release images until 30 days after delivery via your preferred method. If you would like to retain exclusive rights to your commissioned pieces, there will be an additional charge. Please contact us for details. 

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