068: BeththeBard is writing spooky stories & launching businesses


Beth the Bard is a writer, designer, streamer, and professional dungeon master. I first learned about Beth when she published She is the Ancient, an amazing genderbent version of Curse of Strahd, and it’s been a joy to follow her work ever since. Beth currently has a Kickstarter going for Daughters of Frankenstein, a super spooky 5e supplement that is inspired by all your favorite classic horror stories. I’m pretty excited for it, and it was a pleasure to get to chat with Beth about both this supplement, her journey, and the plans to launch a publishing company.

Speaking of Kickstarter, I owe y’all an update on Burnaway! If you’re listening to this on the day the episode drops, it’s the last day to back the campaign. As of the time of my recording, we’re unfortunately not looking too good on hitting our funding goal this time around, which is definitely a bummer. But as this is a business podcast, and I want to be real with you all, I didn’t want to just pretend like it’s not happening. While I of course hope for a last minute miracle to hit the funding goal, Nagi and I are already chatting about what we can do differently next time. We still 100% want to publish this game. There are a lot of factors that we think contributed to our inability to fund this time, so we’re committed to finding ways around that for the next time we try. And hey–who knows–we still have a day left and anything can happen! If you want to keep updated on our progress, the easiest way would be to go ahead and back the game now–you won’t be charged if we don’t fundm but you’ll still get to see any updates as they come out. And regardless of how we get the game to the finish line, we’ll let everyone in out first attempt know about everything along the way.

And before we get started, I of course have to shout out my favorite tea business, Friday Afternoon. This is an amazing nerdy business that makes the BEST tea. The shop is owned by a wonderful human that I interviewed back in episode 6. You can snag tea, gift cards, join a monthly book club that has tea pairings, or if you’re in the Seattle area, they also offer custom blending sessions. We are affiliates with them, so if you go to and use the code LightheartADV, you’ll get 10% off your order, help a wonderful business, and also enjoy some delicious nerdy tea.

Thanks for hanging out, and enjoy this chat with Beth.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Time Stamps

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:03:15 BeththeBard Intro
  • 00:08:35 Writing She is the Ancient
  • 00:17:41 All about Daughter of Frankenstein
  • 00:29:47 Making the decision to expand the team
  • 00:33:46 Making the game adhd friendly
  • 00:44:14 TTRPG University
  • 00:50:03 Beth is a DM for D&D in a Castle
  • 00:51:37 What’s been the most challenging part?
  • 00:57:14 What’s been the most rewarding part?
  • 00:58:42 Where can people find Daughter of Frankenstein and you?
  • 01:03:05 Wrap-up

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