041 – How to market your Kickstarter campaign with Daniel Nimitz


If you are planning a crowd-funding campaign, thinking of planning a crowd-funding campaign, or just in search of some amazing advice about marketing your products, then you NEED to listen to this episode about how to market your Kickstarter campaign. Daniel Nimitz is an absolute wizard at helping Kickstarter campaigns get funded. Some examples of previous projects they were the marketing manager of are Fuel Priest, Magic School Mystery, and Heroes of Tara. Dan shares some incredible tips about preparing for your campaign, the budget you set aside for marketing, crowd surveys to see what graphics and images are going to help you achieve your funding goals, building an email list, and so much more. To be totally honest, I kind of kept forgetting that I hadn’t shared it yet and would mention some of the stats she told me to Brenton, and he would get confused and be like Courtney, I haven’t heard that episode yet. Well now you’ll finally know what I’m talking about, Brenton!

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That is enough from me for now, so grab a notebook and a pen, and get ready to learn from Daniel.

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Time Stamps & Screenshots

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:03:00 Daniel Introduction
  • 00:07:44 How Daniel got their first Kickstarter gig
  • 00:09:27 What is the daily life of a freelance marketing manager?
  • 00:13:08 Using social media & emails to survey efficient marketing
  • 00:17:10 Daniel’s process for creating a marketing campaign
  • 00:20:52 Email marketing
  • 00:24:26 Connecting with Influencers
  • 00:28:46 Marketing tasks during the Kickstarter campaign
  • 00:33:40 Marketing budget
  • 00:38:26 Working as a freelancer in marketing
  • 00:42:07 Common marketing mistakes
  • 00:43:36 What has been the most challenging part?
  • 00:47:42 What has been the most rewarding part?
  • 00:50:00 Upcoming projects
  • 00:50:35 Where can people find you?
  • 00:51:16 Wrap-up

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