Who are we?

Just a couple of table-top loving nerds

No really. We are. Our wedding involved sword fights, more Lord of the Rings music than anyone should want, and a first dance to Rains of Castamere (Yes, there was some “stabbing” at the end, and it was glorious). Our dog’s name is Bowser, Brenton is a knight within Belegarth Medieval Combat Society, and we own more board games than movies. 


Our names are Brenton and Courtney, and we are so very glad you’re here! 

Pictured: Brenton’s “excited” face upon receipt of his wedding present: his very own shiny sword. Courtney is quite amused. 

We met in 2012, married in 2018, and founded Lightheart Adventures in 2019. Lightheart began because a certain artist kept doodling dungeon maps in every possible moment. Brenton had recently started DMing a Dungeon & Dragons campaign in addition to already running a Malifaux campaign. He spent so much time making his maps and story lines perfect, that I (Courtney) suggested he share them with the world. And now, here we are! If you want to learn more about how and why we started Lightheart Adventures, we go into a bit more detail here and here


Founder, Lead Dungeon Designer, Artist Extrodinaire


Brenton is a weird bugbear-man hybrid who likes to draw dungeon maps and write TTRPG campaigns. He’s got a BA in Game Art & Design, a Knighthood in a large medieval combat community, and also provides art for Warcraft Radio.

Favorite TTRPG: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Favorite Video Game: Dark Souls

Current characters:

  • Jessica Jones but with Mecha Piston arms in Malifaux
  • The All-Powerful DM in both D&D and Malifaux
  • Basically every Paladin in WoW

Courtney currently handles the behind-the-scenes work for Lightheart Adventures while Brenton does the fun stuff. She’s a PMP certified Project Manager, and when she isn’t nagging him about deadlines or proofreading his content, she’s busy hanging out with their pup, wrangling other creatives over at Warcraft Radio , or baking. 

Favorite TTRPGMalifaux: Through the Breach

Favorite Video Game: World of Warcraft

Current characters:

  • Neverborn-raised human in Malifaux
  • Tabaxi Pirate Rogue in D&D
  • DM of another Malifaux campaign
  • Tauren Druid in WoW


Co-Founder, Producer, & Wrangler of all the things


Obviously the star of the show



 Bowser is the bestest boy and enjoys running in the park, playing tug, and moping for attention. He is a beagle/basset hound/lab mix who just wants to play with every dog ever. 

Favorite TTRPGDungeons & Doggoes

Favorite Video Game: Anything where he can chase a ball.

Current characters:

  • He is a Ranger in The Adventures of Bowser the Ranger and Dallas the Bard over on our Patreon