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Roll Play Grow is a podcast about the amazing people in the tabletop roleplay gaming community. Every episode, we meet the people behind the brands to explore their journeys, experiences, goals, and methods for running a business within this creative community.

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Courtney Stover

Matt Joro

Sam Atkinson

Podcast Editor

Hey there!

I’m Courtney, the voice behind every new episode. I’m obsessed with this tabletop community and the amazing creators within it making beautiful stories, products, and content. I am passionate about helping people follow their dreams and shaping their lives around their passions. My hope for this podcast is that it will give you inspiration to do the same!

Matthew “Matt” Joro is a Boston-based writer and influential figure in the Tabletop Role-Playing Game community. An ardent proponent of game mastery, he believes that “temporary games teach us permanent lessons.” With over a decade of experience in marketing and business consulting, Matt has a dedicated passion for fostering success among small creators. He’s the founder of Gemmed Firefly, a beloved destination for nerdy t-shirts and unique housewares. His contributions to the TTRPG sphere extend beyond entrepreneurship; Matt has had the opportunity to collaborate with industry behemoths such as WotC and HeroForge, and contribute to charitable gaming events like ExtraLife. You can find his focus/relaxation lofi music everywhere you listen to music as DungeonGlitch, and access dozens of free TTRPG tools at Stay connected with Matt and his multifaceted world of creativity, games, and entrepreneurship. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Threads under the handle @DungeonGlitch.

Hi, I’m Sam from the UK and I help cool people like Courtney produce audio content. I work on things like podcasts, audiobooks, voiceovers, etc. Feel free to get in touch to discuss all things audio.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information, editing examples and testimonials.

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