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004: Creating Candles with Kendra of The Fabled Flame


Welcome back to Roll Play Grow, the podcast for tabletop entrepreneurs, creators, and fans. In this podcast, we talk to the creators behind the brands in the tabletop role play gaming space about who they are and how they are turning their passion for gaming into a career.

Today’s guest is Kendra, the owner and creator of The Fabled Flame, which is an Etsy store where she creates and sells d20 shaped candles. They are GORGEOUS, with really unique scents and they could even have a d20 hidden inside. We talk about all sorts of fun things like the logistics of creating candles in batches, fulfillment techniques, marketing and organizational struggles, and a whole lot more.

I’m really excited to introduce you to today’s guest, but before we dive into that, I’ve decided I’m going to start throwing some updates into these intros as well. I figure this is meant to be a business podcast, so why not briefly tell you about some of the fun things we’re doing in our own business?

Well, since starting this podcast, we revamped our Patreon. We now have 6 tiers that essentially have 3 tracks. One track is for folks that are just interested in his maps and adventures; the second track is for those of you interested in this podcast, and the third track is for those of you who are interested in both!
All tracks start with the same level, which is basically an informational tier that lets you vote in polls and participate in discussions. This first tier also lets you know who I’m interviewing and contribute questions to the interviews. The Level 1 Merchant is going to involve a super secret feed of shorter episodes where I talk about different things we’re trying out in the business. Things that worked, things that totally bombed, etc. I’m definitely accepting Patron requests on topics for this as well. The Level 2 Merchant will also involve a shout-out about you and something cool you may be working on. The top level tier will get you all the things from both tracks. 


The second announcement I wanted to throw in here is that we have a new publication on DM’s Guild. If you’re a D&D fan, you are probably familiar with the newer publication Rime of the Frostmaiden. Brenton drew 18 battle maps as a companion pack for the necropolis of Ythryn, which I’m told is Chapter 7. I’m not allowed to read the book, as he plans on running it soon, so that’s basically ll I know other than that his maps are gorgeous. This is the first pack we’ve published for sale in a while, but we’re pretty excited about it. You can find that link here or just look up Lightheart Adventures the next time you’re on DM’s Guild.

Okay, that’s enough for announcements. This intro’s been pretty long already, so just as a quick reminder, we are affiliates with two really great companies within the tabletop rpg community. If you want delicious, D&D themed coffee, you need to check out Found Familiar. If you’re on the hunt for more dice, you need to check out Dice Envy. Listen to episode 1 to learn more about Dice Envy and their founder. For both companies, if you use code LightheartADV, you’ll get 10% off your order. I really do love them both, and you would too.

Alright, enjoy today’s episode with Kendra!

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Time Stamps

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:01:12 Some Announcements! 
  • 00:06:01 Kendra Introduction
  • 00:09:17 How did you get into making candles?
  • 00:10:40 Theatre discussion!
  • 00:12:00 All about the molds
  • 00:14:58 What was the timeline from idea to creating the shop?
  • 00:16:25 Custom work vs holding inventory
  • 00:18:02 Why Etsy?
  • 00:19:34 SEO & Social Media
  • 00:22:18 Design Process
  • 00:23:47 Finding suppliers
  • 00:26:35 What does a typical order look like?
  • 00:31:24 How long does it take to make a candle?
  • 00:32:54 What has been the most challenging part?
  • 00:34:40 Order Fulfillment
  • 00:38:58 Research and Development
  • 00:40:05 The strategy behind her non-d20 candle listings
  • 00:44:00 Most rewarding part of running The Fabled Flame
  • 00:45:28 Upcoming projects and goals
  • 00:46:12 What would you do differently if you were to start over?
  • 00:47:18 What kind of impact has Covid had on your business? 
  • 00:50:47 Where can people find you?
  • 00:51:21 Wrap-up

Find Kenda and The Fabled Flame at:

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