Lightheart Adventure’s Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Review: Liliput Edition

Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Review: Liliput Edition

I’ve always wanted a fancy gaming table – a nice, well-crafted gaming surface to really enhance the atmosphere when people sit down to play. However, Courtney and I realized that getting a massive table wasn’t in the cards for us, as we would need something on the smaller size. Jump forward a few years to August of 2020, when Wyrmwood released a Kickstarter campaign for a modular gaming table. Their pitch was intoxicating – a simple yet adaptable table with the capacity to fit larger gaming parties or small enough to fit in a camper. Courtney and I joined the throng of backers to successfully fund the campaign, and now over a year later we received our table! Come along on a journey with us as we present our Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Review!

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Lightheart Adventure’s Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Review: Liliput edition


A quick bit of background for Wyrmwood – Wyrmwood is a company dedicated to high-quality craftsman furniture and accessories for the tabletop gaming community. They have successfully funded numerous Kickstarter campaigns, even going so far as netting the 12th “Most Funded” campaign on Kickstarter to date with the modular gaming table campaign. All of their products come with the “Craftsman’s Promise”, a guarantee that they’ll refund or replace anything sold if the customer is not %100 satisfied. They are also very public facing with their trials and tribulations, as shown in their frequent backer updates and their Youtube series Wyrmlife. They put their all into their work, and the end result shows, as you are about to see. Anyways, on to the actual table!


Our Liliput table (the smallest table offering) arrived in 7 massive boxes. Thankfully, both Court and I were home at the time so nothing was left outside on the porch all day.

Each one came emblazoned with the illustrated face of Doug (Lead Designer, Founder, Master Woodworker, Hat-wearin’ guy) advising the recipient to check for damage from shipping before letting the driver leave. We didn’t sign for the packages, so I think they would have just left them on the porch if we weren’t home. Thankfully each package remained free of blemishes.

Once we unboxed everything and laid it out on our rainbow rug, the contents didn’t seem quite as imposing as what the boxes led us to believe. We chose the cherry wood for our table, and the components look impossibly clean and well crafted! One quibble is that a side rail is noticeably lighter in color than the rest of the table. However, cherry tends to develop a deeper hue over time, so I imagine the colors will align over time. Court pulled up a handy dandy assembly video and I helmed putting it together. 

That sweet, sweet Wyrmwood logo!

Assembling the table wasn’t terribly difficult. Both the instructional video and the printed instructions do a good job of providing clear info. However, one thing that I admit I totally messed up is that Wyrmwood sent a small plastic guide to show how far each metal post needs to stick out. I naively thought it was more of a suggestion rather than a requirement – lo and behold, the first fit from leg to shield apron wasn’t quite snug enough, so I had to pull apart the legs and loosen things up. Once I did that, the legs fit much tighter. 

Our assembly foreman Bowser inspecting the process

Once everything was nice and snug, we used the provided square-head screws and attached the plywood bottom. We only needed 12 or so screws despite getting a bag of nearly 50, but the great thing about the concept of the modular gaming table is that we could purchase longer sides and an extra plywood bottom and extend the gaming table exponentially. Because of the delays in their production schedule, it seems as though there may be quite some time before they’re ready to allow people to purchase the conversion kits to expand the table outside of this Kickstarter. The table we did order is a small coffee table size and we chose to pair it with dining table-length legs for our needs. We do plan to expand it into a larger table eventually, but we did not feel that now was the right time to purchase the conversion kit for a larger table.

Finger the felt!

One of the features of the modular gaming table that really drew our eye is the magnetic rail system. Inserted on both sides of the shield aprons and the inside of the side rails, these rails allow users to attach a variety of magnetic accessories to truly customize their gaming table. We purchased a 2-pack of cup holders as well as two player desks, though the desks did not arrive alongside the rest of the table. According to several update videos, they’ve had some issues in the production of these player desks, so we expect to receive them at some point in the future. We played around with a few heavy drinking vessels and the magnetic cup holders didn’t falter once! 

The Money Shots

We also got the fancy magnetized table topper as well!

Wrap up

The largest issue wasn’t even the table itself, but the very long delay in receiving our table. We were in the April wave, meaning the original intent of the Kickstarter was that we’d receive the table at some point in April. Instead, we received it the last week of November, and there are so many backers after us that have a long time to wait for theirs to arrive as well. It honestly didn’t bother us that we had to wait over a year, but there are certainly many backers frustrated by the delays. We did highly appreciate the weekly updates that Wyrmwood continues to provide, and that certainly helped contribute to our acceptance of the delays.

Simply put: We’re impressed with Wyrmwood and their products. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of their work, and the modular gaming table is no different. Metal fittings sat accurately, with only one miniscule gap visible between one corner. This feels like an antique-quality table that we’ll be using for years. 

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    1. The cup holder is 5/8 inches thick. The magnets are pretty strong, and the wood of the table itself helps block it from falling, as the magnet is essentially inset, if that makes sense. I just tried pushing down on it pretty hard–harder than you would if you were to wind up leaning on it with your elbow, and it didn’t move.

      This makes me realize we should post an update though. We received the player desks and they are pretty fabulous. They attach on the inside of the table and hook over the edge, so they have even more support to hold them in place.

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