Welcome to the official Lightheart Adventures site!


Welcome to the official Lightheart Adventures site!


It’s here! It’s here!

When Lightheart Adventures was just a concept without a name, we never imagined that it would turn into anything more than just an Instagram feed for Brenton to show off his maps. Now, it’s the first day of 2020, and we’re launching both a website and a blog. How crazy is that??


Welcome to the new Lightheart Adventures website.

We make pre-made Table Top RPG maps (adaptable to any game) and Dungeons & Dragons one-shot campaigns. We also do commissions on request!

I’m Courtney, and I manage all the boring, logistical things behind the scenes of Lightheart. Brenton is the talented content creator, developing the amazing story lines and TTRPG maps you’ve already grown to love. We hope you’ll take a few moments to look around the site and peruse. Learn more About Us, browse all our Current Publications, and discover our Commission options.

What can you expect from this blog? Most of the time, Brenton will write these, as he’ll be offering insights into his creative processes, showing behind-the-scenes views as he develops new stories and maps, showing off commission projects, telling you tall tales from the life of a Dungeon Master, and more. I’ll pop in from time to time, usually when we have announcements, or when I just feel like it. 

We promise not to spam you with anything boring, and we hope you’ll stick around and ask questions. If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, let us know! If you don’t already follow us, our social media links are at the bottom of the page, and be sure to subscribe so you’ll receive all our updates! 

Thank-you for joining us, and…

Cheers to the new year!

– Courtney & Brenton


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