Quickie Map: Dungeon of Doubt

Things are quite busy in our neck of the woods! We just released the 2nd Chapter of our Wild Beyond the Witchlight map pack (more on that below), I’ve signed on to write some one-shots for a TTRPG company I utterly adore (NDA life prevents me from sharing more, unfortunately), and Court is still recuperating from massive surgery. That said, I hate to go too long without sharing anything on the blog, so I took the time to draw up a “quickie map” for everyone to use. This map doesn’t have any narrative attached, and is simple enough in design that it could be inserted anywhere with little effort. While I am releasing a watermark-version here, our Patrons get two versions of the map: one with suggested traps and secrets, the other clear of any icons. 

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Map Pack Highlight: Wild Beyond the Witchlight Chapter 2

The second of five map packs based on the newest D&D campaign book Wild Beyond the Witchlight is out now! This pack focuses on chapter 2 of the book and gives Dungeon Masters 14 black and white maps set in the Feywild realm of Hither. Each map is high quality (600 DPI) and has two versions: one with a 5 ft. square grid and one without. As a special offer, we will be including full-color versions of these maps once all five chapters’ map packs are released. The price will increase at that time, but anyone who purchases the title at the current price will get the color maps for free! You can grab your copy here

Quickie Map: Dungeon of Doubt

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