Introducing Morkborne: A Mork Borg x Bloodborne hack & Free playtest

This week’s post is going to be a little different than usual. Earlier this year I received a copy of Mork Borg as a gift. It didn’t take long for me to read through it (seriously, it’s only 80+ pages), and I fell in love with the setting and mechanics. The thing that struck me though was how easily it was to convert other settings to the Mork Borg system. Since I had just finished my yearly playthrough of From Software’s Bloodborne, I decided to make my own homebrew conversion of the two games. 

With that, I am happy to present Morkborne, a Mork Borg x Bloodborne hack (and slash)! The playtest PDF is 11 pages, with new mechanics, a new class (the Hunter), 10 enemies, 4 bosses, a ton of new items, and a hexcrawl adventure as well. You can download a free copy of the rules and map over on our Patreon page. Once you’re done playing through the adventurer or even reading the rules, I’d love to hear your thoughts over on this short google form.

The overall goal of this homebrew is to eventually release it for free with updated rules, interior art, as well as a fully drawn isometric map of Yharnam. If this really takes off, I’ve got plenty of ideas for future content, including more items, enemies, and other hexcrawl settings.

Thanks for taking a peek at my Mork Borg homebrew experiment, and remember: 

Fear the Old Blood


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