023 – Creating the Herbalist’s Primer with Anna of Double Proficiency

We are talking about plants today! Anna is a graphic designer and the co-founder of Double Profiecieny, a company publishing tabletop rpg supplements and games. They have just launched the Herbalist’s Primer on Kickstarter, which is a supplement you can use to add real life plants into your games with magical properties, the know-how for potion creating, and more. Anna tells us all about this project, and I am so excited to get this book. We also dive into how she started Double Proficiency with her partner and the types of projects they like to work on. She is an absolute delight, and I hope you enjoy learning from her today!

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That is all for now, so please sit back and enjoy this conversation with Anna.

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Time Stamps & Screenshots

  • 00:00:00 Introduction & Updates
  • 00:02:25 Anna Introduction
  • 00:07:14 All about the Herbalist’s Primer
  • 00:17:00 Creation & Design Process
  • 00:24:30 All about Double Proficiency
  • 00:30:16 Kickstarter & Fulfillment Plans
  • 00:37:41 Project Aphelion
  • 00:42:49 What has been the most challenging part?
  • 00:47:03 What has been the most rewarding part?
  • 00:51:33 Where can people find you?
  • 00:52:58 Wrap-up

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