Found Familiar: D&D Coffee

Found Familiar: A D&D coffee company full of magic

It was a chilly morning in February when I entered my friend’s house, bags of Dungeons and Dragons coffee in tow. We gathered a few hours earlier than our regularly scheduled D&D session because I wanted to host a coffee tasting party with the bean loving friends in our group. I was excited to show off the delightful new company I’d just discovered: Found Familiar. Brenton and I discovered them on Twitter, and I instantly became enchanted in their mission and their product. They roast and sell D&D coffee with delightful names such as “Inspiration,” “Spare the Dying,” and “Fey Step.”  Their packaging features gorgeous depictions from ttrpg artists, and they give full credit to the artistic masters.

(Spoiler alert and disclaimer: I’m obsessed with their coffee and applied for the program. This page includes affiliate links, meaning we may earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting your favorite dungeon artists!)

The Order

The shipping turnaround was surprisingly quick for a small, new company, and opening that package when it arrived was heavenly. Three bags of coffee spending a few days within a shipping box meant an explosion of aroma as soon as the air escaped its boxed confines. I had four days before my coffee tasting party, and while I would like to say I waited until then to open any of the bags…that’s a lie. I lasted until the next morning and then greedily opened the first bag, Spare the Dying, and prepared my french press.

I’m no coffee connoisseur by any means, but I can honestly say I was blown away by the first flavorful and delightful sip. Despite feeling even more excited for the other two flavors in my possession, I waited for game day.

Fast forward to that chilly Sunday morning, and a group of 6 of us gathered around my friend’s table, my makeshift review sheets in tow. I told them part of the deal of me providing this delicious D&D coffee to them was that they agreed to tell me their honest opinions, in case I ever decided to write up this review post. Everyone agreed to try each coffee black first, before adding in their preferred amount of cream and/or sugar. I am one of many who has never enjoyed my coffee without a least a dash of cream, so I was a little apprehensive about my first impression of these flavors being without my crutch. I have to say, I am SO glad I did. There was only one flavor out of the three where I felt that I actually needed to add creamer. It was quite a pleasant surprise.


So let’s get to their reviews!

Spare the Dying

Group Average: 7.1/10

Region: Mae Suai

“An exotic cup profile; farm direct. Sweet, dried mango and raspberry with a heavy, dark chocolate body and lingering baking spice finish.”

Spare the Dying contains a pleasant berry and spiced aroma when brewed, which pays tribute to the raspberry and baking spice of the description. Amusingly, two of us also caught a whiff of toasted bread.

The flavor profile and lightness of the roast reminded our entire group of tea,  which as a person who enjoys going into artisan tea shops and stocking up on an insane number of flavor combinations,  is possibly another contributing factor to why I enjoy this coffee so much. I was the only one in the group who chose this flavor as their favorite of the three, but I’m also the only one that prefers light roasts. Everyone else preferred the darker roasts of the later samples.

Spare the Dying: D&D Coffee

Artwork by Manou Gijsbrechts



If you like light, summery roasts with a hint of baking space and berry flavors, this is definitely a flavor you should try!

Get it here

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Fey Step

Group Average: 9.3/10

Region: Huehuetenango

“A balanced, sweet coffee with a honey aroma. Notes of apples and almonds up front with a deep sweetness and lingering milk chocolate finish.”

This was, hands down, the favorite of the group. The inviting scents of honey and apples greet you before the mug ever reaches your lips. The honey scents lent their way to a caramel taste for many of us, and we discovered a splash of an almond creamer really amplified the sweetness and nuttiness of the brew, turning it into a decadent dessert. 

If you prefer nutty flavored coffees with a hint of sweetness, our group would definitely recommend this blend.


Group Average: 8.3/10

Region: Sumatra, Aceh

“Earthy and dynamic with notes of bittersweet chocolate, golden raisins, and baking spices. The exotic cup for adventurous coffee drinkers.”

“I just want to curl up with this by a campfire!” One of my friends exclaimed. Her review notes say: “Excellent camping coffee. Strong, forward, unapologetically dark. Citrus finish.” 

The earthy, chocolate aromas that greet your nose translate into a woodsy, chocolatey taste. A splash of our almond creamer amplified the fullness of this coffee beautifully, and while I do prefer lighter roasts,  I still found myself enjoying this brew much more than I expected. The group agreed, asking for seconds. 

This was a full, thick, and as my friend said, unapologetically dark coffee. We all highly recommend this as the option to take on your next camping trip (you know, one day, when we’re out of quarantine…). If you like unique, full bodied dark roasts, I cannot recommend Metamagic enough!

Metamagic - D&D Coffee

Artwork by Couple of Kooks



Get it here 


I think the highest review I can leave you with is that after finishing these three flavors and waiting for my next Found Familiar package to arrive, I tried to go back to the hazelnut coffee I’d been drinking before. Let’s just say it was not a good time, and my taste buds are spoiled forever. 

This tasting party was in February, and as a result of everyone’s approval, Brenton and I were excited to apply for their affiliate program and we do our best to support them! I drink their D&D coffee almost exclusively now, and I’ve actually tried every flavor they sell except for four: their two decaf options (because I don’t believe in decaf–sorry, not sorry), their espresso (which I plan to order next time since I JUST got an espresso maker of sorts), and Pact Magic, because it’s been sold out every time I’ve placed an order. 

All in all, that means I’ve tasted 8 out of 12 of their coffees, and while I have favorites, there isn’t a single flavor I don’t enjoy. That’s pretty impressive.

Also, spoilers for the next time I review more their coffees: my absolute FAVORITE is Inspiration. “Dates, toasted pecans, and chocolate brownie” deliciousness? Yes. Please. 

I hope you enjoyed my first ever coffee review write-up, and I really encourage you to go support Found Familiar for some delicious D&D coffee. We love hearing from you, so be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram,  or Discord to tell us which flavors you try! To see some of our other recommendations, check out our Product Spotlights

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