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Maps for sale

We offer several of our maps as downloadable assets in our store. Whether you’re looking for unique terrain to help you flesh out your campaign’s world or that perfect battle map, we’ve got you covered. 


Tabletop RPG Podcast

Roll. Play. Grow. is a podcast for tabletop roleplay gaming entrepreneurs, creators, and fans. Every Friday, we interview creators about what they do and dive into the unique aspects of working in the tabletop industry. 

Free Table Top Adventures

Check out our collection of Side Quests: free one shot adventures designed with care for a variety of table top role playing games. They include maps, monsters, magic items, and a story sure to keep your group entertained.

Battle map & story commissions

Whether you’re introducing your players to an elaborate new landscape, hanging unique art on your wall, or gifting your favorite DM a customized map of their own, we are excited to craft the perfect piece with you. Let’s create your very own tabletop map and adventure.


In our blog you’ll find tips and tricks for Game Masters and players, fantastical maps, thrilling adventures, and learn about some of our favorite creators.

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We’re Brenton & Courtney, and we are passionate about telling stories with our friends. Here at Lightheart, we enjoy creating new adventures, designing intricate battle maps, and playing as many tabletop role playing games as possible. We can’t wait to work with you.