Dark Force Incursion Supplement

Fundraising with a Dark Force Incursion Supplement


Today is June 5th, 2020. Today’s post was going to just be about announcing a collaboration that we’ve been working on is published and available.


But then the world watched yet another Black man die at the hands of yet another police officer. Protests and riots are breaking out all over the country, and the reaction of our country’s leadership has been horrifying and infuriating.  


Lightheart Adventures is not a “political” company by any means, but this is not about politics. This is about basic human rights. We cannot sit idly by while our community, as little as it may currently be, is hurting. You are all extremely important to us, and while there may only be two of us, we will fight for your rights to live, to breathe, and to simply exist. We don’t believe in empty words without support, so we’ve spent the last few days researching and learning. 


Basic Rights Oregon

For the entire month of June, all of our DM’s Guild and Drivethrurpg proceeds will go towards Basic Rights Oregon, a local organization that supports the rights of the black and brown LGBTQ community. 

From their about page: 

We recognize that within our LGBTQ communities, many of us experience both privilege and oppression on a daily basis. We know that despite leading the nation in statewide legal protections, LGBTQ Oregonians are far from full legal equality. Our vision is to be a leader in political and policy work that centers the needs of four critically important communities:

  • LGBTQ people of color, including LGBTQ immigrants & refugees of color, who bear the brunt of homophobia, transphobia, racism, and xenophobia.
  • Trans, genderqueer and gender nonconforming people, who face astonishing rates of violence and discrimination, and whose basic rights are far from secure.
  • LGBTQ youth, who face high rates of homelessness, bullying and suicide, and who are present and future leaders for LGBTQ equality and social justice.
  • LGBTQ people beyond the Portland Metro area, who are often isolated, whose needs are distinct from those in Portland, and who face unique barriers to reach the promise of true lived equality.”


We wanted to support a local organization, as we know that they often struggle more than the larger national organizations. 

  • To see their response to the current situation, click here.
  • To learn more about their Racial Justice organization, click here.



Dark Force Incursion Map Supplements 


Because these new publications are one of the ways in which we will be fundraising, we will go ahead and give you a taste of what they’re all about. 


You may remember that about a month ago, we interviewed Toby Lancaster from Dark Realms Games about his newest game: Dark Force Incursion.



Dark Force Incursion is a free print and play strategy game for one. Plot your armies’ path across the map using a d6 and pencil, but beware the dark forces attempting to stop you. Natural features such as mountains can block your way to the ultimate goal of securing more forts before the dark force outmaneuvers you. Toby recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to increase the variety of maps one can encounter. Terrain like marshes can bog down an army’s advance, while forests and lakes can either help or hinder progress.


We are offering two sets of downloadable maps at Drive Through RPG. Our first map pack is free and includes three maps that correspond to the original, free version.

Head’s up: these links are affiliate links, which means we may earn from qualifying purchases. Since that affiliate is Drivethrurpg, those earnings will also go towards our fundraiser in the month of June 2020!

  • You can grab the free map packethere

Our second pack includes 15 maps compatible with the newly released Kickstarter expansion rules, including forests, marshes and lakes! These maps are also smaller than the average DFI map, allowing for quicker yet tougher solo gaming sessions. 

  • You’ll want to snag the expansion rules from Dark Realm Games here:
  • And then grab our set of 15 maps compatible with the expansions. These maps bring the next level of intrigue to the game because they reflect different combinations of the various expansion types. 




Thank you

To see the rest of the products we’ll be using for this fundraiser, you’ll find us on DM’s Guild via author search: Lightheart Adventures. 


Thank you for sticking with us, and thank you for helping us raise money for this cause. We continue to work towards creating fun TTRPG content for you to enjoy, but we want to close by directing you towards this round-up of some amazing and talented black content creators in the ttrpg community. Check them out, and give them your support.


We hear you. We stand with you. And we fight for you. Stay safe, and stay healthy friends.

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