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short d&d one-shot

Short D&D One-shot: Presti-sanitation

  Hi-diddly-ho, adventurinos! I felt inspired this week to do a short d&d one-shot Side Quest focusing on oozes and alternate dimensions that can be wrapped up in a short-and-sweet evening session! This one might make germophobic characters a little squeamish, so make sure your players are cool with swimming around in filth and ooze. …

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Free TTRPG Encounter: Goliath Longhouse

Free TTRPG Encounter: Goliath Longhouse Welcome to our second Side Quest!  Do you ever feel stuck when planning your next D&D session? Perhaps you’re tired of sending your players off into the woods with the same old bandit ambush trope, or they went in a totally random direction you didn’t expect, and now you’re scrambling …

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