Mind Flayer Map Side Quest: Tome of Horror

Mind Flayer Map Side Quest: Tome of Horror

One of the things I do to help stimulate my creator brain is to try and come up with stories, maps, or whatever with only a few prompts. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding inspiration with a short concept, like “wandering peddlers with otherworldly goods”, or something more specific, like magical items or creatures. For this month’s Side Quest I started a poll for our Patreon peeps to vote on a set of three D&D monsters to heavily feature for the blog. Of the three choices (Mind Flyers, Duergar, and Beholders), Mind Flayers won the vote! 

As a note – in the past I’ve released the Side Quests for free here on the blog while compiling a neat PDF for Patreon members, alongside a few extra versions of the map. However, moving forward I won’t be releasing the content of the Side Quests on the blog, but I will release a free map alongside the adventure synopsis to make up for the change. I’m doing this as I want to give my patrons more exclusive content, while not depriving our casual readers. With all that out of the way, I’m happy to present this month’s Mind Flayer Map Side Quest: Tome of Horror!

For those of you who are new to our blog, welcome! We post a monthly Side Quest, which are short TTRPG encounters with corresponding maps that can be easily threaded into an ongoing or one shot campaign, allowing busy DMs to throw in a random encounter at the drop of a hat. Our Adventurer Level 2 tier allows our Patrons to pick the game system, theme, and name a character or two in an upcoming Side Quest. We create an adventure & draw a map around their idea that we share on the blog! Plus, Patrons receive a downloadable version of all our Side Quests.

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Mind Flayer Map Side Quest: Tome of Horror


Fierce tremors shook the land around the city of Vilstock a few weeks prior. Few paid notice to the shaking of the earth due to their common occurrence, but this time brought a fell presence. A small illithid invasion force bore up from the Underdark and supplanted itself beneath a small antique bookstore near the middle of the city. The mind flayers have begun a process of covert takeover, and their plans are just starting to bear fruit. The owner of the bookstore, Haver Oakthews, found himself beset by Illithid forces shortly after the tremors took place and lost his mind to an intellect devourer. Ever since, he has begun to convert other employees and bring suitable sacrifices to the mind flayers beneath his store. He often tempts potentials into checking out the rare books in his basement before ambushing them. No one yet has escaped, and the mind flayers grow increasingly impatient for more test subjects.

Wrap up

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